Cognitive Intelligence

Transforming Data into Knowledge

Social Media Analysis

Understanding Perceptions

Early Crisis Identification

Evaluating Millions of Sources in Seconds

Semantic Technology

Intelligent Solutions for Big Data Challenges


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Intuitive Workflow

Identification, evaluation, analysis, dissemination – a quick guide through the intelligence process.

Semantic Technology

Understanding language and transforming data into applicable knowledge.


Easy navigation and sophisticated visualisation tools guide our users through the complexity of large data volumes.

Know How Integration

Close cooperation with private corporates as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions has immensely contributed to the constant improvement of our technology.

Event Clustering

The platform differentiates between single incident detection and in-depth knowledge.

Alerts & Reports

Automated alert systems, updated daily reports and analysis ease users’ daily workload.


One intelligence platform – different outlets.


Data accuracy and high speed are key prerequisites for the platform’s success.


Coming soon: our latest intelligence product will be available via secure web access beginning of 2016


We have asked our users, among them financial analysts, intelligence experts, risk managers, etc., for their professional opinion
We transform complexity into simplicity!

"Advanced Analytics developed a straightforward tool that simplifies my daily workflow tremendously!"
H.S., Operation Officer, Oil & Gas Industry

"Great content, and the data is easy to handle: using the platform helps me stay ahead."
N.J., Intelligence Analyst, Finances

"One of the first tools that actually know how to apply semantics in a useful way."
M.W., Marketing Director, Aerospace/Defense

  • Performance

    Percentage of our users that find the speed of the tool outstanding

  • Accuracy

    Percentage of all users that are highly satisfied with the accuracy of the required search results

  • Intuitivity

    Percentage of untrained users that find the functionality of the platform outstanding

  • Usability in work environment

    Percentage of users that consider the tool to be a must in the intelligence work environment

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