One intelligence platform - different uses: the Advanced Analytics Intelligence Platform primarily focuses on the intelligence sector, but can easily be adapted to other fields. Sentiment analysis helps creating the right marketing strategy when entering a market with a new product or brand; the analysis of phone records and financial data is of great assistance to investigation teams engaged in fraud detection. 

In-house integration or remotely secured web access: the system can run on client’s internal infrastructure, integrating, managing and analysing all internal data. External providers and databases can easily be incorporated, providing a fully comprehensive approach for big data analysis.

secured web access alternative offers a lean solution for users that do not require an in-house installation. Our intelligence system SHORTCUT.ONE provides an easy accessible web portal with highly customised management and administration functions, including the modification of sources, categorisation, personalised tags or taxonomies; users can work on preferred languages, individualised layouts and analysis templates or build up their own personalised archive system.