Monitoring open sources and social media in real time, extracting and processing relevant information, managing data: these demanding tasks amount to one of the biggest challenges for analysts and decision makers in current times.

Based on artificial intelligence technologies that have been developed in-house, the Advanced Analytics platform is a highly sophisticated service portal for advanced human language recognition, data processing, knowledge representation and information research.

State-of-the-art semantic technology is utilised to identify, collect and analyse real-time unstructured and structured data. Its outstanding capabilities regarding opinion detection, network and source analysis as well as comparative intelligence can be applied with great benefit in fields as diverse as security & defence, fraud investigations, financial intelligence and market analysis.

The integration of highly sophisticated visualisation tools as well as alert and reporting systems allow for a flexible and customised user environment. The workflow of the platform reflects the traditional stages of the intelligence cycle; the simple yet smartly designed interface enables users to easily navigate the complexities of the analytical process.