Semantic Technology

Deep Natural Language Processing

Semantic technology is the driver of our intelligence platform. The Advanced Analytics Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine generates accurate results for even the most complex of queries due to its capability to analyse grammatical, syntactical and semantical text structures.

Our technology derives from a strongly research-driven project aimed at promoting the use of computational linguistic technologies on a large scale, e.g. the ability to understand texts written in natural languages (such as English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, etc.), through their application in cutting-edge products and services conceived to enhance and simplify information management.

State-of-the-Art Algorithms

Hybrid Technology

The technology behind the Advanced Analytics intelligence platform combines semantic networks and deep learning approaches to natural language analysis, resulting in a sophisticated technology capable of self-learning.

Linguistic Technology

At the EVALITA contest for the evaluation of the development of technologies for the Italian language, organised by AI*IA and the Italian Association for the Science of the Voice (AISV), the Advanced Analytics technology got the highest score ever achieved for the task of deep analysis, with a rate of understanding of 96,16%. That result is particularly remarkable because it provides examples of how our dependency parsing algorithms work on complex languages.